Business proposal templates to close more deals

Start with an existing free business proposal template to get some inspiration, but make sure to adapt it to your business and brand. Upload your own logotype, choose a background image or color that suits your brand will help you stand out (as your customer probably will compare your business proposal to competitors).

Free business proposal template:

The proposal tool that Docspo provides helps you to send a business proposal that your customer views in the browser (desktop or mobile), tracks how your customer interacts with the proposal and sends automatic reminders to free your time. It is easy for your client to sign the business proposal online.

Do you prefer to start from scratch? Here is a free business proposal editor:

Don’t forget these important steps (based on 50k sent proposals) when you use a business proposal template:

  1. Make it your own
  2. Upload your logotype, choose your brand color or a matching background image. Make sure your company and contact details are correct.
  3. Transform the content for your customer
    Be clear how you solve your customers needs, what it will cost and that you have the skill to deliver.
  4. Quality over quantity, winning proposals tend to be shorter
    Be clear in your message and help your customer understand what you offer, what is included in the proposal (and what is not).

Take inspiration from existing business proposal templates and make them your own! By using a dedicated proposal tool to manage and send your proposal you can increase your sales, spend time on what is important to you by using automatic reminders and follow up with your customer at the right moment. Try out to send business proposal templates that make a great first impression and increase your sales.




Helping companies send beautiful proposals that close more deals as CEO & Co-founder of Cling & Docspo. Read more at

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Oskar Andersson

Oskar Andersson

Helping companies send beautiful proposals that close more deals as CEO & Co-founder of Cling & Docspo. Read more at

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